Nikhil Gowda

 Human - Automation Interaction Expert
 Voice AI and Context Perception Lead

"My other car is autonomous, but I don't drive it"


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Dashboard Design for Autonomous Cars_ AutoUI2014
AutoUI 2014 (Sept 17-19, Seattle)

The RRADS Platform Abstract_HRI2015
HRI 2015 (March 2-5, Portland)

Nudge_ AutoUI2015
AutoUI 2015 (Sept 1-3, Nottingham, UK)

The RRADS Platform_AutoUI2015
Auto UI 2015(Sept 1-3, Nottingham, UK)

Exploring Shared Control in Automated Vehicles_HRI2016
HRI 2016 (March 7-10, New Zealand)

Exploring Transitional Automation with New and Old Drivers_SAE2016
SAE World Congress 2016 (April 12-14, Detroit)

A Faust Based Driving Simulator Sound Synthesis Engine
SMC 2016 (October 9-12, Budapest)

Take the Wheel: Effects of Available Modalities on Driver Intervention
IV 2016 (June 19-22, Gothemberg, Sweden)

Behavioral Measurement of Trust in Automation_ HFES2016
HFES 2016 (Sept 19-23, Washington DC)

Preliminary Study Of EEG-Based Situational Awareness Assessment While Engaging In Autonomous Driving Simulator
The 8th Japan-Taiwan Workshop on Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace November 28-29, 2016, Tokyo, Japan