"Life is too short for boring cars!"

Nikhil Gowda

 Human - Automation Interaction Expert
 Voice AI and Context Perception Lead


Connect with me at the following upcoming events:

  • Sept 25-26 '2019. Attending The Chatbot Conference, in San Francisco, USA.
  • Oct 22-24 '2019. Speaker at Automotive Interiors Expo, Novi, Michigan, USA. Topic: In-car Voice AI Dev Tools

Previous Events:

  • ​Apr 28-30 '2019. Speaker at weCONECT Car HMI USA conference, in Michigan, USA. 
  • Nov 2-3 '2017. ​Speaker at the China Human-Machine Interaction Summit 2017, in Shanghai, China. 
  • ​July 17-21 '2017. Conducting a tutorial in Los Angeles, USA at the 8th AHFE International Conference in collaboration with researchers from Aachen and Fraunhofer University, Germany. Topic: Prototyping Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for Partially and Highly Automated Vehicles: From Human Centered Design towards balanced Human Systems Integration. 
  • April 10-12 '2017. ​Speaking on Non-Visual HMI with specific insights on previous work done on Haptic Interfaces, at the 4th IQPC International Conference on Automotive Cockpit HMI in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 
  • January 5-9 '2017. CES 2017 in Las Vegas, USA. 

2016 and before:

  • October 24-26 '2016. Co-organizing a workshop on Prototyping Autonomous Vehicle HMI from a 'Human Centered Design' lens. 
  • Sept 27 '2016. Will be giving a short talk on the role of Human Machine Interaction in Autonomous Vehicles at the IHS Interactive Display Conference, San Jose, California. 
  • ​April 25-26 '2016. Speaking at a workshop on 'Rapid Prototyping Autonomous Vehicle HMI' at the 'World Cafe' session of the WeConnect HMI Event in Detroit. (more info and website link soon)
  • April 8 '2016. Speaking on panel titled  'Who Builds the Autonomous Car?' at the forum on Autonomous Vehicles organised by AutoTech Council and  Telecom Council in San Jose, California.
  • January 8 '2016. Organized a presentation and dinner event at The Linq, Las Vegas to summarize the CES 2016 expo tour for top executives from the Renault Group. Presentation speaker is Glenn Mercer who speaks on "Drowning in Tech?: Learning to Surf the Technological Waves Sweeping Over the Automotive Industry". 
  • January 5-9 '2016. Scouting for new technology and services at the CES 2016 Expo in Las Vegas, USA.
  • December 12 '2015. Invited to offer critique to students of the Innovation Studio class of the MBA in Design Strategy Program at California College of the Arts (CCA). The 6 student teams presented design concepts (product or service) situated in the time of autonomous vehicles. Each group was responsible for designing for a different age-group, ranging from 0-16 to 75+. The presentations were both physical prototypes / props, as well as the digital experience.
  • October 17 '2015. Guest speaker for the MBA in Design Strategy graduate program - Innovation Studio, to talk to students about my experience in designing HMI for Autonomous Vehicles.   
  • October 5-7 '2015. Attended the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Conference in Bordeaux, France. 
  • October 3 '2015. Invited to judge the Next Generation Mobility Challenge (website) organised by NetImpact in collaboration with Toyota Mobility Fund, at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA. 
  • Sept 1-3 '2015. Presented my work on haptic pre-cueing aimed at communicating automotive intent. The presentation was for the workshop on Practical Experiences in Measuring and Modeling Drivers and Driver-Vehicle Interactions at the 2015 Automotive UI Conference in Nottingham, UK.
  • August 10 '2015. Featured in IEEE Article title "Testing Trust in Autonomous Vehicles through Suspension of Disbelief" by Evan Ackerman. Link to full Article
  • July 20-23 '2015. Attended the Automated Vehicle Symposium held in Ann Arbor, USA to take part at the proceedings and interact with stakeholders ranging from academia, policy makers, philosophers, manufacturers, OEMs, startups and a host of others. 
  • Sept 17-19 '2014. Presented my work on developing a framework that supports the design of interactive elements for automated vehicles at the 2014 Automotive UI Conference in WA, USA.